Living Room. Laundry Room. Bedroom. Bathroom

There’s A DampRid® For Every Room In Your Home.

All-natural DampRid® attracts and traps excess moisture, eliminating – not just covering up – musty odors, leaving behind cleaner, fresher, dryer air. And, since excess moisture can form anywhere indoors – from the attic down to the basement – you’ll find a DampRid® product that’s ideal for every room in your home:

New DampRid® AirScapes™ are ideal for your living room, bedroom, family room, anywhere you want discreet moisture and odor protection.  The attractive container blends into your home décor.  You can choose from a White Marble or Gold Swirl design starter kit.

In your closets, DampRid® Hanging Moisture Absorbers are the easy way to eliminate excess moisture and musty odors, while protecting clothing from damage.  Choose Fragrance Free, or Fresh Scent, Lavender Vanilla and Citrus Fresh fragrances.

For bathrooms, basements laundry rooms, anywhere excess moisture is a recurring problem, try our convenient Refillable Moisture Absorbers.  They’re great for storage closets, lockers, gun safes, and boats, too.  Select Fragrance Free or Lavender Vanilla and Fresh Scent fragrances.

Looking for a sophisticated design?  Our refillable Easy-Fill System is the right choice for offices, kitchens, entry/mud rooms, or laundry rooms.  There are Any Room and Large Room sizes to choose from.

Wherever you need convenience and powerful moisture and odor absorption, try our Disposable Moisture Absorber. Choose from Fragrance Free, or for tough odors, a Moisture Absorber with Activated Charcoal, even an Activated Charcoal Moisture Absorber for RVs.

For large areas, such as basements, crawl spaces, garages, and second homes, try our Hi-Capacity Moisture Absorber.  It’s also the right choice for water damage after flooding

So, remember, wherever excess moisture and musty odors are a problem, DampRid® is the solution!