Odor Genie — Wild Berry 8 oz. (FG69H)

Odor Genie — Lavender Vanilla 8 oz. (FG69LV)

Odor Genie 8 oz.

DampRid®'s solid odor eliminator, Odor Genie, employs charcoal to continuously absorb odors — not just mask them. In fact, Odor Genie effectively eliminates odors associated with smoke, kitchen, food, bathroom, trash, diapers, paint, solvent, gasoline, pets and more — while leaving behind a fresh wild berry or lavender/vanilla scent.

Each Odor Genie deodorizer will provide lasting performance for up to 60 days in areas of approximately 300 sq. ft. — making it ideal for use in:

  • Any area of the house
  • Basements
  • Cars
  • Boats
  • RV's
  • Campers

— and more.

NOTE: Alaska and Hawaii orders ship Standard Overnight or 2-Day Air only.

Simply pull off the label and place it wherever odors are a problem.

Usage Tip: Place an Odor Genie under the seat of your car to keep your auto's interior smelling fresh.

What are the black specks in this product?
The black specks are activated charcoal that's used to help absorb odors.

Can I refill the Odor Genie?
No, Odor Genie is disposable.

Where can I find the DampRid® Odor Genie?
DampRid® products are sold online at www.damprid.com and in stores nationwide.

The “Directions for Use” are included to help you better understand our product. However, they do not provide you with all of the information needed to use the product safely and effectively.

Prior to using this product, you should always read the entire label including all cautions.