Easy-Fill System Large Room Moisture Absorber (FG90)

Easy-Fill System 4-Pack Refill (FG92 - Temporarily Out Of Stock)

Easy-Fill System — Large Room

The ultimate combination of effective moisture control, ease-of use and sophisticated design, this Easy-Fill System offers the extra capacity required for large spaces.

Sprays, perfumes and candles simply mask odors, but DampRid® is a moisture trap that eliminates those nasty, musty smells. That's because DampRid® crystals actually absorb the excess moisture from the air that causes moldy, musty odors. The result is a cleaner, drier, long-lasting freshness your whole family will appreciate.

The Easy-Fill System for Large Rooms features:

  • A sleek, contemporary design that fits with any décor
  • A locking-lid, stable, anti-tip base and a proprietary drain design that prevents inadvertent spills
  • 360° venting for superior airflow and optimum efficacy
  • An ergonomic grip for one-handed pouring
  • Long-lasting performance — each system pack (two 10.5 oz. FG92 refill packs) lasts up to 60 days

Suggested Uses: Laundry Rooms, Bedrooms, Offices, Kitchens, Boats — or any large space where you want to prevent moisture and musty odor problems.

NOTE: Alaska and Hawaii orders ship Standard Overnight or 2-Day Air only.

Do I break-up or chip the white crystals after they become one solid mass?
No, this is a normal part of the process through which the white crystals absorb excess moisture.

There are salt crystals that resemble ice crystals in the lower chamber of the product. Why?
This can be caused by a sudden change in either temperature or humidity. To get rid of the crystals, run water over the ice crystals until the formation dissolves.

Do I need to empty the collected liquid before the white crystals have dissolved?
No. Instead of evaporating into the air, the collected liquid will continue to absorb a small amount of moisture from the air.

When do I empty my Easy-Fill System?
You should empty the Easy-Fill System when the liquid reaches the full line. Simply open the lid, drain brine into the toilet, and then remove the top to empty the used pack into the trash and replace. Note – rinsing the drain port regularly before refilling will aid in reducing the potential for clogging.

What do I refill this Easy-Fill System with?
Use the Easy-Fill Refill bag, they come four to a box.

How many refill bags do I need for the Easy-Fill System?
The FG90 Easy-Fill System for Large Room uses two refill bags.

The "Directions for Use" are included to help you better understand our product. However, they do not provide you with all of the information needed to use the product safely and effectively.

Prior to using this product, you should always read the entire label including all cautions.