AirScapes™ Gold Swirl Lavender Vanilla Starter Kit (AS01GSLVT - TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK)

AirScapes™ Gold Swirl Lavender Vanilla Starter Kit

An Attractive Alternative To Sprays & Candles.

The key to fresher indoor air is not to mask musty odors, but eliminate them.  That’s exactly what new DampRid® AirScapes™ does.  Unlike candles and aerosols that just mask odors, DampRid® AirScapes™ actually absorbs the excess moisture in the air that causes musty odors.  And it works continuously, creating dryer, cleaner, fresher indoor air , while leaving behind a gentle, fresh fragrance.

Not only does DampRid® AirScapes™ work beautifully, but it looks good, too.  It comes in an attractive, decorative container designed match your home’s décor. The container can be used over and over again with available refills in three great fragrances.  Each refill provides lasting freshness for up to a full 30 days.

All-natural DampRid® AirScapes™ is ideal for any room in your home, including:

• Living room
• Family room
• Dining room
• Bedrooms
• Bathrooms
• Office
• Kitchen

So don’t just mask musty odors, eliminate them with DampRid™ AirScapes™ -- a fresh approach to fresher air!

NOTE: Alaska and Hawaii orders ship Standard Overnight or 2-Day Air only.

1. Remove DampRid® AirScapes™ pouch from clear plastic envelope.

2. Remove lid and place one DampRid® AirScapes™ pouch into chamber.

3. Replace lid.  Place on flat surface in a desired location – the crystals inside the pouch will harden and dissolve as they absorb moisture.

4. After crystals have completely dissolved, remove top, empty liquid into toilet and flush.  Dispose of used pouch in the trash.

5. Restore moisture-absorbing crystals with DampRid® AirScapes™ Refill pouch.

Is this the same as the old DampRid®?
Yes, just a new design

Do I break-up or chip the white crystals in the pouch after they become one solid mass?
No, this is a normal part of the process through which the white crystals absorb excess moisture.

There are salt crystals that resemble ice crystals in the lower chamber of the container. Why?
This can be caused by a sudden change in either temperature or humidity. To get rid of the crystals, run water over the ice crystals until the formation dissolves.

Do I need to empty the collected liquid before the white crystals have dissolved?
No. Instead of evaporating into the air, the collected liquid will continue to absorb a small amount of moisture from the air.

When should I replace the scented pouch?
Depending on conditions, each pouch should provide lasting freshness for up to 30 days. Once the pouch is empty, simply follow directions to empty the liquid, dispose of the empty pouch and replace with a refill.

What scents are available?
Your Gold Swirl starter kit comes with a Lavender Vanilla pouch, and refills are available in three fragrances: Fresh Scent, Lavender Vanilla, and Citrus Fresh. Each can be used with any DampRid® AirScapes™ container.

Can I use DampRid® AirScapes™ anywhere in my home?
YES! The attractive container blends into your home’s décor, and the natural crystals absorb excess moisture in the air, maintaining a comfortable relative humidity, eliminating musty odors. They’re non-toxic, septic safe, environmentally friendly, non-flammable, and non-combustible.

Can I use the regular DampRid® refills in this?
No, you must use the AirScapes™ refills

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